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Audanika is a new digital musical instrument and MIDI controller. It is the official successor to the SoundPrism music app, which has been downloaded more than two million times.

Audanika features a new, innovative, and significantly improved sound system. With it, you can develop super intuitive emotional melodies and chord sequences that touch people and stay in their memories for a long time.

Therefore, the Audanika is the perfect complement for songwriters, film composers, or electronic music producers. As a MIDI controller, you can embed the Audanika into your studio environment to elicit completely new sounds from your synthesizers and samplers.

you're on the go, connect your headphones to your smartphone or tablet. Audanika's built-in sound allows you to try out a lot in advance. You bet you'll come up with a new melody or chord progression in no time.

Audanika also offers remarkable possibilities for making music together with children. If you agree to 1. always play on the same line and 2. to use the bright fields primarily, you will immediately get a beautiful sound. Playing Audanika is fun and encourages improvisation and creativity!

We could tell you a lot more at this point. But it's best if you make up your mind and try out the Audanika!

You can find many more ideas and possibilities on our YouTube channel:

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