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Audio Obama allows you to play and listen to over 200 audio quotes from Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America. Be inspired and entertained by this century's most dynamic world leader.

Each of the 14 pages contains 15 audio phrases, easily playable at the touch of a button. Click on Obama's picture to play a random quote.

Enjoy listening to such classic quotes as:
- "Wazzap!"
- "Just one more problem I've inherited from George W Bush"
- "'Inside the Obama White House' is my my favorite new show. There's just something really compelling about the main character."

The 14 pages are categorized as follows
- Jokes & Humor 1
- Jokes & Humor 2
- Be Obama 1
- Be Obama 2
- Be Obama 3
- Positivity
- Wisdom & Advice 1
- Wisdom & Advice 2
- Wisdom & Advice 3
- Conflicts & Dangers
- The Economy & Greed
- Inaugural Speech 1
- Inaugural Speech 2
- Inaugural Speech 3

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