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AXS Payment

发行商: AXS Pte Ltd
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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With AXS m-Station, you can enjoy unparalleled payment access for bills, fines and e-services anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy these personalised payment features with AXS m-Station app:
- Secured storing of your bill account details after each successful payment under “My Payments” for easy retrieval and payment the next time (requires activation of passcode).
- Track and retrieve all your past payment history conveniently under “My Payments”.
- Receive e-mail receipt (eReceipt) of all your successful transactions.
- Reminder services for bills payment based on your past payment timing on AXS m-Station.
- Reminder services for telco prepaid SIM card based on the expiry date of your last top-up on AXS m-Station.
- Reminder services for fines payment that is retrieved from the fine agencies.
- Enable Touch/Face ID to login to the app with just a touch of your fingerprint or face recognition (Note: Touch/Face ID for your device and Passcode for the app are required to be enabled).
- Access to value added services in Marketplace and “My Deals”.
- “AXS Receive” services for easy receive of payments and refunds from AXS and other participating organizations (requires sign-up).
- Keep updated with the latest AXS news via push notifications.

What kinds of bills can you pay?
- General (e.g. Utility, Telco, storage)
- Credit Cards
- Loans
- Insurance
- Season Parking
- Town Councils
- Healthcare
- Storage
- Memberships
- Electricity

Fine payment services for the following agencies are also available:
- Housing Development Board (HDB)
- Land Transport Authority (LTA)
- MyEG (Malaysia Traffic Fines)
- National Environment Agency (NEA)
- National Parks Board/The Animal & Veterinary Service (NParks/AVS)
- Singapore Customs
- State Courts
- Traffic Police
- Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
- Singapore Food Agency (SFA)

Top-up services from:
- Alipay Purchase Card
- M1 Limited
- Singtel
- StarHub Ltd

- Condo/Bldg (MCST)
- Home Services
- Student Services

eServices for:
- Education
- Government
- Ticketing

- Insurance
- Credit Card Application
- Home Electricity
- Vouchers & Deals

Download your own personal AXS Station now.

Payment mode:
- DBS PayLah!
- DBS PayLah! Express Checkout
- Masterpass
- Mastercard
- Credit Cards (DBS/POSB Visa/Mastercard, Citibank Visa/Mastercard, OCBC Visa/Mastercard, UOB Visa/Mastercard, Diners)
- Debit Cards (DBS/POSB Visa/Mastercard, Citibank Visa/Mastercard, OCBC Visa, UOB Visa/Mastercard)
- OCBC Pay Anyone
- My Preferred Mastercard (saved your Mastercard for more secure and faster payment process)
- Pay+Earn* (Earn rewards when you pay your bills with your credit card)

* a fee of 2.5% of the total payable amount will be charged.


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828 条评价

UOB E nets

The UOB bank on e nets is just not loading.This happens every other months and it is annoying and frustrating when you need to make urgent transactions.Please get it fixed once and for all.


Payment crashes .

When making payment over e nets . It will crash and went back to payment summary page . Seriously , it was good to use . Until an update screw it up.


Payment of bills using UOB Bank always hang

Payment of bills using UOB Bank always hang


Can’t make payment after update

Tried the whole day to pay for credit card bills, after clicking enets, app just went blank and crash. Pls rectify soonest!! Its frustrating and irritating to key in everything again.


Simple to use

Simple to use. Fast.Almost perfectI don’t work for axs Nor receive compensation.Features liked (As compared to SAM)- has a search biller function.- has “Cart” concept. Add many bills and pay in one go.- my favouritesList view for frequent bills paid.can add description, “my bill”, “Wife’s Hp”No need to reenter bill details.Just click and auto fetch amount due (some billers).for some billers, just click.Disliked:- cosmetic :Display of biller logo is “boxed” in grey Color box.- “Scan” from main pageIt only accept QR code and works only for certain billers.It will be better if it can support all barcodes from all billers immediately, then no need to navigate to billers page.


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