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AZ Screen Recorder!

发行商: Nguyen Noi
价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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AZ Screen Recorder is a stable screen recorder/game recorder/video recorder for iPhone/iPad, also a powerful all-in-one video editor.

AZ Screen Recorder allows you to record games while playing, capture screen with one touch and edit video with filters, effects, music. It's our duty to offer users high quality video and no recording time limit.

----Key Advantages---
+ Powerful Recording:
- You can record your screen with high quality.
- It's a stable screen video recorder for you to record video, record the tutorials of any app and capture screen video.
- It only takes one touch to start recording everything on your phone with sound.
- Simple interface, super easy to record games while playing, record other apps...
- Add face cam reaction to your recordings.
- Easy to add commentary  to your recordings.
- This video capture provides high quality and customized settings: 1080p Resolution, 12.0Mbps Quality, 60 FPS. With this screen recorder with audio, you can change the video settings at will to meet your needs and record clear & smooth video.

+ Professional Video Editing:
- Trend filters: we offer popular filters such as fade/chrome/noir/transfer/blur to make your videos unique.
- Free video editor: Cut/merge/trim/split/collage/compress/transition/crop your recording clips at ease. 
- Speed Control: Use fast motion/slow motion to change the speed of video.
- Share your recording clips with friends on social media:
- Record game, apps, tutorials, anything on your screen.
- You can also record audio from the mic automatically which makes it convenient to create a personalized video.
- You can show your amazing skills to more people by sharing your game recording on social media.
- It's a stable screen video recorder for you to record the tutorials of any app.
- Share your story with friends by sharing films, TV shows or sport events.

AZ Screen Recorder: Screen recorder/game recorder/video recorder with audio and editor is a well functional app that captures all your precious moments with your smartphone, capture screenshots and edit images. Download it now and have a great experience!

===> If you have any questions or even if you have any troubles, please send feedback to us, thank you for your response so we can make this app better.


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