Baby Feeding

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This app is designed to give parents information about baby milk feeding (breastfeeding, combination feeding and formula feeding)

How much should you be feeding your baby? How often? What do do if you have issues...

Do you want to know lots of information on breastfeeding your baby, how to position them for a more comfortable feed and how to get them latched correctly? How to express your milk effectively and how to harvest your colostrum in preparation for your baby arriving. Learn about common issues and how to solve them.
Find out how to store your breast milk safely.

If you choose to formula feed your baby, then learn how to do it safely, how much to feed and how often and what to do if you have issues, how to store milk and how to sterilise using various different methods.

If your baby is premature, learn how to help their feeding habits.

Also a section just for twins and multiples, find out how to tandem feed your babies and make every feeding method work for you and your babies.

Baby feeding app contains evidence based information on infant feeding - your source of information is here!

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