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Badminton Blitz -Real PVP Game

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- Jump and smash strongly! Quickly PVP multiplayer sport matches with global players in real-time!
- Hit the shuttlecock! It's time to play the best multiplayer sports game in mobile!

Badminton Blitz - Badminton games are easier to learn and control. Start in a quick 3-minute online PVP badminton game or take the badminton world by storm! JUMP-SMASH! Play with your friends or family via Facebook in fun and sports game!

Live out your sports dream with Badminton Blitz: Play excellent multiplayer PVP sports matches to pro badminton player. Challenge badminton players around the world in league games!

*Game features*
* Compete with badminton players in fun PVP multiplayer sports matches online!
* Create, upgrade your and train your own athletic character abilities to the top athlete of the pro badminton sports!
* 3 character types to choose from: offensive, defensive, balance.
* Customize your equipment, and equip with the best racket importantly.
* Simulate the exciting 3D sports arena and visualizations to give you the most visually realistic badminton experience.
* 20+ beautiful rackets of different qualities and levels, how do you match your character attributes? Need your wisdom
* Unlock mystery chest to find the badminton racket, training card, experience card, clothing pieces, diamonds, coins, etc.
* Climb up the Tournaments Rankings to unlock free amateur, semi-pro and pro badminton players!

New sports game, control slightly
Easy gameplay and hitting, and app-optimized sports gameplay that is fun to master! There is a stamina bar during the game, you need to use strategy flexibly to beat opponents!

Constantly challenge, badminton league&clash
Matching random players in real-time, and play against real players from amateur to badminton master! Everything is possible! Do you dare to come and learn skills with them?

Assemble the strongest team
Choose the best characters and fitness trainer for your squad. Training character requires training cards, experience cards, etc. Rackets and costumes also need to match different character, which can be combined into thousands of training strings. Want to make your character a hero of victorious competitions? Come and show your wisdom!

Win matches, be the badminton MVP!
Give you a badminton racket, can you rise to the top? With the abilities of the carry arena and skills breakthroughs, hitting your name to the global leader ranking! Make a crazy smash to your competitor?Win! And become the badminton MVP!

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34 条评价


An amazing game.


Play with friends issue

How can I play with my friends I have added them to the list but can’t invite to the match Please direct


Noob application

The online part is such a trap. You are actually playing with the computer.... #Deleted


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