Bald Angry Teacher Fnaf School

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- You didn’t touch anyone, you calmly played Craft Game and then a bald math teacher came to you - Baldi from the game of Education.
- You hid from Bald Teacher in a mine room equipped with everything you need to protect yourself from enemies!
- Bald does not have much time to catch you, so you have to hold out for 5 nights and not let him get to you and hit with a ruler.

Game Features:

- Original Craft style art
- The atmosphere of horror
- Each movement of Bald is accompanied by a strike with a ruler
- Lovely Bald Teacher in the game FNAF
- The game holds in suspense

Game Tips:

1. Bald can be on the street, in the house and in the mine. But be careful when he comes close to your refuge!

2. The cameras can track the movement of Teacher, however, it should be remembered that they consume electricity.
3. Closely monitor energy and time: you need to calculate that there is enough energy until the morning, otherwise you will not be able to protect yourself from Bald at the most important momenthe will find you!

No matter how well you know math, Teacher will not leave you alone until you complete this game!
Good luck!

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