Baluster Post Space Calculator

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Perfect for when you need to determine the equal spacing and number of balusters/posts required for a particular length of run.

Helps ensure you order the correct stock level for each job.

Works in any units cm/mm/meters/inches - just make sure you use the same unit of measurement for all figures input. Fractions should be converted to decimals first.

We have even included in the results, the position that every post/baluster should be positioned.

Features include :
- Intuitive interface.
- Handles both/one or no ends for the post/baluster
- Quick reset function.
- Copy results to clipboard to email or store in your favourite application.

Please note that if you wish to working fractions then you should convert them to decimal first.

*The developers take every care to ensure the results from this calculator as as accurate as possible. However the developers cannot accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of using this application or any results calculated.

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