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*** The best Bandoneon Learning and playing app in the world.
*** If you are a Tango or dance fan, you have to check this app.
*** It's now easy to learn the bandoneon before buying a real one.

Bandoneon sound is recorded with Alfred Arnold year 1935 bandoneon which has tuned 442 Hz.

The Bandoneón app is a virtual Bandoneon, a loved instrument from the 1800’s; now at your fingertips.

We have brought the Bandoneon instrument to the palm of your hand with our latest mobile application. The Bandoneon application is great both for pro players and beginners to practice without carrying their valuable and protected instrument around. Also, those who are in love with Tango and curious about this authentic instrument can play one without spending hundreds on buying one, this app provides them with an affordable chance to experience what it feels like to play the Bandoneon.

The Bandoneon application is both beautiful and classic, giving you the best virtual experience currently available. When we set out to develop the Bandoneon application, we knew that we wanted to make the prestigious musical instrument accessible to everybody. Everyone is now able to play and to experience the fine instrument with the power to create music from the palm of their hand.

The instrument, much styled like an Accordion is perfect for the casual player of Tango, Jazz and Classical music. It is a free-reed instrument and heard mostly in dance halls. Our application provides the perfect experience for any player of the wonderful instrument. Anybody now has the ability to learn, to practice and to play music on the Bandoneon, and they can now take their instrument in their pocket.

The left and right layout is identical to the classic instrument, however, on a smaller screen it may be condensed. The innovative core of this application is just how intuitive it is to play. There is hardly a learning curve if you come from the real thing and learning with colors makes it even easier to produce wonderful music. The noise recorded for this application is originated from an Alfred Arnold (Doble AA) Bandoneon from the 1930's. While you practice with this application you will both enjoy the sound and appreciate the Bandoneon as an instrument. You can create wonderful music that everyone will want to dance to.

-Switch between right hand (treble) and left hand (bass) keyboard layouts
- Play the Bandoneon virtually, just like the real instrument
- 142 Tones Rheinische TonLage starting from Piano's 2nd octave Do and 6th octave Si.
- Showing and Hiding the note layouts for beginners who want to learn to play Bandoneon - it’s faster than learning on the real thing.
- Vibrato Feature: You can vibrate the sound by pressing the notes and Vibrato button at the same time.
- A beautiful hyper-realistic user interface, full of life and just like the classic

Note: If you do not hear any sound when pressing the notes, you have to be sure that you are pressing exactly on the buttons. If you press near the buttons, you may not hear the sound of the related notes.


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