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Basketball Legacy Manager 21

发行商: Elie Lamoureux
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Basketball Legacy Manager 21 is the ultimate mobile basketball manager experience. Manage all aspects of your hockey team to create the ultimate legacy. Coaches, scouts, drafting, trading, contract negotiations, player development, all this will help you dominate the league for decades.

BLM21 is an offline basketball manager. You can play whenever you want, wherever you want. No internet connection is required!

Each career has its own storyline, as you follow the evolution of the entire league from declining contenders to rising superstars. You can keep track of the whole league record for all positions and teams, of every single draft class, of every player transaction and much more.

Basketball Legacy Manager 21 is fully customizable from players and teams to coaches and leagues!

Basketball Legacy Manager 21 brings many new features to help you manage your basketball team to a deeper level such as:

Each team has its own customizable jersey for better immersion.

Every year, 10 countries compete in a World Cup and a World Juniors!

Start a career with a fantasy draft.

Share your rosters with the community or download existing user-generated content!

Manage your coaching staff by hiring the right candidates!

- Trade block
- Franchise records
- Mid-season contract extension
- Challenges
- Retired jerseys
- Power ranking

With Basketball Legacy Manager PRO you can play for decades and even centuries!

Start your General Manager career now!


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49 条评价

Great game. Can improve

Great game, but signing free agents is extremely difficult and same with signing rookies. There should be options to just pick up contracts instead of making your own deal. Also you should be able to release players... besides that its pretty solid



I feel like you should be able to put players at their secondary position if a higher overall player is already at their main position.


Love the game a few suggestions

This game has the basics of a great management game but there are some things like there is no overall breakdown other than offense or defense. This is a huge problem when you have guys like Mitchell Robinson leading the team in made threes. You need to have stat breakdowns like 3pt shot, finishing, playmaking, steals/perimeter d, blocks/interior d. There is more you could go into as far as an overall breakdown but those are the basics. Another huge problem is there is no such thing as field goal percentage. Even if you didn’t want to go into effective field goal or 2pt field goal you should at least have total field goal percentage and 3pt field goal percentage.


Great! Here’s what I think is missing.

- Add rebounding, passing, inside and outside shooting, free throw, block and steal ratings for individual players. - Add an off-season feature that allows you to select players’ developmental route. - Add the option to include more than one player or pick for “Find Trade”Awesome game! I’m loving it!


Improvements Needed

I’ve played the hockey version for a long time now, which I absolutely love. But it seems that all you’ve done is take that version and copied it just slapping “basketball” on the name. I love your games and the management and such is amazing, but there are some tweaks that need to be made to make it more like a basketball game. I’ve had guys make +10 overall jumps in one year, and in basketball that just isn’t very realistic for multiple people to consistently jump like that.


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