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‘BBK Mobile’ banking app allows you to safely take control of and manage your finances while you are on the go. The app offers a large selection of features to facilitate the management of your banking needs.

• Secure Sign-In: Sign in with either your Customer ID and ePIN or with Biometric login using your Facial Recognition or Touch ID.

• Accounts View: View balances of your various account types and cards as well as view current and past transactions on your personal accounts.

• Payments & Transfers: Perform one-time bill payments and funds transfers within the bank, locally or internationally.

• Other Services Requests: Includes cheque book requests, Dual Factor registration and customer information update.

• Branch and ATM Locator: Find a convenient location to withdraw/deposit cash, or visit a branch.

Getting Started
To log on to this application, all of the following are required:

• You must be a BBK retail individual customer
• You have a valid Customer ID (CPR) and ePIN. For Dual Factor registered customers, a Login OTP (One Time Password) generated from an activated BBKPASS is required.
• Own a device that is not rooted
• Supported versions are iOS 8 or higher
• Phone resolution should be greater than 320x480
• Minimum 512 MB RAM

Don’t have an ePIN?
Select the ‘Generate/Forget ePIN’ available on the app login screen and enter the required details to create a login password consisting of 6-8 numeric digits, which will allow you instant access to BBK Internet Banking, BBK Mobile App, Mobile Web, SMS Banking, Telebanking and eStatement.

For further inquiry, please contact us on +97317207777 or e-mail


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