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Beach Rescue Lifeguard Game

发行商: Zohaib Iftikhar
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Beach Rescue Lifeguard Game gives you a view in which you are a life guard and all you have to do is respond to your duty calls and take your rescue ship from parking, save people from getting drowned in the deep sea because they either got stuck in disastrous waves, or their boat got wrecked or maybe, they got stuck on island. But you have limited time to save people by riding and sailing your life boat in emergency.
The main thing which shall be liked by you is its graphical view, sound effect, use of map in order to reach your target and its efficiency. The controls are easy to handle and you are able to view it from any of its side. This lifeguard is moving from one side to another in order to guard and save its target.
If you love to drive boats and ships in the water then this Beach Rescue sim is best & awesome game for you to play. Download free today and enjoy this game and drive boat in the sea water with full speed as you can and save lives. Get ready to become the successful rescuer, save more peoples quickly to unlock the higher game levels. This game is full of 10 exciting levels and in each level there are missions full of thrill from beach to sea area. And in order to jump into next level you have to clear the level you currently are playing.
This Simulator is not like the ones you used to play in the past. This game is easy to play and to get your target points.
Just come and have a view over the amazing feature of this Beach Rescue Life guard Simulator.
So are you ready to serve. Download it and start playing.
Key features for Beach Rescue Lifeguard Game
• Realistic Lifeguard 3D Simulator
• Amazing Sound play
• Futuristic Environment
• Exciting Lifeguard Rescue Missions
• 10 exciting levels


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