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Bell Fibe TV

发行商: Bell Canada
价格: 免费
兼容性: Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPhone & iPad


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The Fibe TV app allows Fibe, Alt, and Satellite TV clients to enjoy their TV content anywhere.

With the best TV app you can:
- Watch your TV programming on the screen of your choice.
- See what’s trending at any time and easily search for shows.
- Pause and rewind live TV.
- Set, watch and manage recordings*.
- Download your recordings to watch offline*.

* Exclusive to Fibe TV clients

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- Available on iOS 9.0 or later.
- Download & Go available on unmodified iOS 10.0 or later.
- If you are using Chromecast, Apple TV, or AirPlay you must be in-home and have Bell Internet to access live movies and shows. Satellite clients require unlimited usage to access live movies and shows.


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93573 条评价

I Miss Rogers

Not at all impressed still waiting for my free 10 channels, ps bell charged me 95$ for land line for years , nice taking advantage of old folks .......class act , I want the free 10 channels as promised . That’s all. 9056862478


No 4K Support

The app works well enough but there is no 4K support. You cannot stream 4K channels even if you pay for them. I have a 4K Apple TV hooked up to a 4K TV and I can’t enjoy the 4K content. Bell forces you to pay for their additional boxes in order to watch 4K.


Horrible on Apple TV

Fibe tv app is good on the iPhone but it is horrible on the Apple TV. Need highest quality wifi to support it. Cheaper than getting another bell box but not worth the hassle. If you can get another box I’d recommend doing so.


U can cast content using airplay ?

I think there is still a few issues. I tried 3 ways and get error codes each time. I’m using my iPhone 6s as a hot spot going to Apple TV. Fails every time. Help!Thank you for your email. I updated the airplay settings. Aug 2, question #1 After I sent in this review the app was updated to 27100. But the update is not appearing on the Apple TV box. Will it? How long would it his normally take? Will this resolve my issue? Question #2 - do you need WIFI to use airplay to cast from a device?Question #3 - it says in the app description “ you must be using your home network...... I’m trying gat this to work in a RV. It works on my home network, but not away from home network. Is there a solution?


Can’t stream to tv USELESS APP

Can’t stream to tv USELESS APP


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