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BetterMe: Mental Health

发行商: BetterMe Limited
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BetterMe: Self-help meditation for people who can't meditate!

All you need is few minutes a day to bring yourself to a state of calm and wellness, and balance your life using a combination of guided meditations and techniques. BetterMe's approach is a set of simple, practical relaxation methods for anyone.

You will learn how to manage daily stress and improve your mental health by breathing, which is a natural anti-anxiety therapy. These deep-breathing exercises come from the Pranayama approach. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word for regulating your breathing to benefit physical and mental health. It is an ancient Indian practice with 3 phases of breath manipulation: inhalation, retention, and exhalation.

A 2014 study in the 'Journal of Diagnostic Research' showed a connection between pranayama and reduced stress. Moreover, it helped improve overall cognition, including attention, retention, and speed tasks that combine vision and physical action, like video games.

With our app, you will have the opportunity to set goals for yourself like reducing anxiety, developing stress resilience, sleeping better, increasing self-love, and improving your concentration. You will work to meet these goals with a personalized, self-help daily plan and daily mindfulness meditations.

If you're looking for ways to compliment your self-care routine, control stress and anxiety, and have a more positive outlook on life, our app is just what you need. Maybe you've tried other mindfulness apps with no success. It's time to try BetterMe. Our app is a simple and manageable solution to managing your stress and changing your outlook, and all you need to do is complete daily 3-minute meditations.

Rather than try to force yourself to focus for long periods of time, which is difficult, especially if you're new to meditation, BetterMe provides short but effective science-backed meditations that are personalized daily to increase your happiness. Do what's best for you today: follow guided meditations to fit your mood, or allow yourself to be free and enjoy the fun, unguided meditations with nature sounds.

Let BetterMe accompany you on your journey to managing your stress and anxiety, and discovering a world of self-love and better mental health.

Why you should choose BetterMe: in just 3 minutes each day, you will improve your quality of life by reducing stress and improving focus.

BetterMe: Meditation will help you to:

- Improve clarity and focus throughout the day
- Reduce stress and anxiety to feel calm and relaxed
- Sleep better at night to feel refreshed during the day
- Improve mental health for more resilience in the face of life challenges
- Broader your perspective and acquire deeper self-awareness
- Improve leadership skills
- Learn deeper and more natural breathing
- Enhance mindfulness in all situations
- Wind down and fall asleep easier and faster
- Develop your listening skills
- Face obstacles calmly and clearly
- Enjoy improved relationships
- Feel happier, balanced, and more relaxed

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BetterMe is integrated with the Health kit, so you can find your activities data in the Health App.

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