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GOmobile is BNP Paribas new mobile application which allows You to manage finances easy, fast and comfortable where ever You are. Application gives You fast access to Your account, history of transactions, charts, focusing all Your products in one place.
Meet advantages of our application and see for yourself how easy can be using mobile banking.
GOmobile allows:
• Transfers between own accounts
Transfer between your accounts can be done easily with one gesture. You can make a transfer by dragging green slider left or right. On the left side there’s always your main product and on the right side product of easy access – you can change it by scrolling up and down.
• Transfers to favorite recipients
In GOmobile you can easily make a transfer to your favorite recipients. If you want you can put your favorite recipients on the screen before log in and add their photos to use the application more comfortable.
• Safe log in by fingerprint or PIN
GOmobile application allows you to choose logging in and transaction authorization method. You decide what you use to log in and authorize transactions – PIN or fingerprint reader option (if your smartphone has this function).
• Preview account status without logging in
You can check your account balance before logging in. Decide in what form do You want to see it: amount or percentage form.
Before logging in:
• Transfers to 5 favorite recipients with possibility to add photos
• Balance preview
• ATMs’ and bank branches localization
• Possibility of making a transfer
• Access to history of transactions with search engine
• Summary of existing funds and liabilities
• Accounts with balance, history and details with possibility of making transfer
• Term deposit – list, opening and closing
• Cards – history and details of debit and credit cards
• Credits – details of credits and loans
Possibilities of making:
• Internal, domestic and fast transfer
• Transfer within templates defined in internet banking
• Mobile top ups
• Credit card repayment
• Discounts within mamBonus program (over 40 partners have prepared discounts up to 55% in more than 2500 shops)
• Localization of shops which offer those discounts
• Messages from the Bank
• Maps with localization and search engine for ATMs and bank branches
• Exchange rates
• Settings (fingerprint logging in – for smartphones with fingerprint reader, balance before log in, deleting or changing the PIN)
• Information about application
• Manual
• Bank contact data
GOmobile application is available in Polish and English language version (according to smartphone settings).

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