Bhagavad-gita As It Is

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• Contains the full text in English, German, French, Hungarian and Russian.

• Customize what you see as you read – devanagari, transliterated verses, word for- word translations, verse translations, purports … each element can be turned on and off globally.

• Read the text in two languages at once by pinching in or out on a paragraph (just place two thumbs on a paragraph and pull them away from each other).

• An extensive image gallery, including paintings from the first and second editions of the Bhagavad-gita As It Is.

• The text is fully searchable and the search tool can be customized to check the entire text or only verses, translations or purports.

• Create bookmarks, notes, and highlights, and customize the look by changing the typeface, text size, and line spacing.

• A full Sanskrit pronunciation guide and dynamic glossary.

• Wake up (or go to sleep) to a Gita verse with the Verse of the Day feature on the home screen. Each app user’s daily verse is unique to his or her phone.

• Day/night color modes and multiple daytime color palettes personalize the app.

• Resume reading from where you left off. Easily access the menu for when you want to go elsewhere in the app.

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