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Bigfoot Apes Hunting 2020

发行商: Arsa Khalid
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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In the northern forest a mysterious monster has appeared with big foot which unlike any beast you ever fought in other action games.

Your will be tasked with locating this huge beast with bigfoot in the forest where yeti monster is lurking in mist.

Another best survival game with one of the top rated fps shooting games with guns that you can play anywhere anytime on the go.
Curiosity has led a lot of people to enter this misty forest to hunt the yeti beast. The newspapers Jasper later published that group of tourists who disappeared where later found dead.

Police has begun a search and hunt plan to eliminate this threat and has banned anyone from entering this horror filed forest.
Your goal is simple in this fast paced action game with thrilling fps survival missions! As a seasoned military commando – take charge of this scary story and get to the truth.
Take your elite squad to enter the forest and investigate the misty area of forest where the rumor says that the yeti with bigfoot lives. It is a complete battleground out there in the jungle where unknow can happen so do not be afraid to play this horror game which is also best survival game.

This mission is filled with dangerous tracks so be prepared for the most challenging action adventure that you will ever play in hunting game. Grab your close combat hunter weapons from arsenal like knife and hunting rifle.

Hunter keep your flashlight in hand to find the bigfoot it notices you. The yeti or sasquatch are mysterious monsters but be careful they can still attack you and tear you apart!

Your only option for surviving is to counter attack with all the combat skill that you gained from playing shooting games. This survival game will test not only your quick action skills but also other hunting techniques like tracking the sasquatch in dangerous battle.

Keep your eyes pealed for the horror lurking behind the hills that the developers made into amazing and thrilling from just another free game to best survival game action!

Realistic forest and horror environment filled with hills mountains
Cool survival story with realist horror effects
Smooth controls to freely move and hunt the bigfoot creature
Use shotgun, sniper rifle or bow to hunt down and defeat this monster
Free download and begin this thrilling hunting adventure!


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