Billard Regeln

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Who loves Billard knows the rules. Who loves Billard even more, needs a comprehensive collection of fun, exciting and new game variations!
All this is available here: Our app offers over 35 game variants and is thus the largest rule collection available and includes the official rules for all games as well!

Here you will find all the official rules as well as many new and original variants - for all forms of the billiard: pool, snooker and carom. Simply explained and easy to handle.

Amongst others, there are variants and rules for:
○ More than two players
○ Games for an odd number of players
○ Moneygames
○ Fast games
○ Variations that last a bit longer

The App offers:
○ Inspiration: You want to try something new but do not know what? Let yourself be inspired by our over 35 variants!
○ Security: You're in the middle of an exciting game and you've forgotten the rules? A look inside the app helps you in seconds.
○ Easy: Many complicated game situations are presented with pictures for a clear and fast explanation.
○ Fun: Fancy a suggestion? Shake your iPhone and let you see a randomly chosen variant.
○ Share: Rate your favorite game and share your opinion with the community.
○ Make a wish! You have suggestions for new variants or features? Tell us via Facebook or email!

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