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Bingo Story

发行商: Clipwire Games Inc.
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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One of the best new Bingo games around the world! Bingo Story is the free bingo game that let’s you play exciting, live, online bingo against friends. Play bingo for a chance to collect board pieces and complete puzzles for your favorite fairy tale characters.

Play free bingo games all day long!

If you love fun, friendly bingo games, Vegas-style tournaments, bonus mini games, multi card board games or even fantastical fairy tale bingo, then download Bingo Story today!

- 100% FREE bingo!
- Live, real-time bingo games with friendly players
- Blitz through fantastical, fairly tale themed bingo boards and collect single player collections!
- Work together with other Bingo Buddies to complete our community goals for big prizes!
- Play in real-time bingo tournaments with bingo players around the world
- Collect treasure chests to win FREE power ups and MORE!
- Play up to 4 fantastical, bingo cards in fast-paced tournament-style game play
- Collect and complete 40 unique fantastical puzzles for big rewards
- Earn bonuses and play fun mini games to collect more
- Play the Daily Spin to claim free bingo prizes
- With hourly and daily FREE powerups, you’ll feel like you’re in a bingo show!
- Log in with Facebook, play as guest, and test your luck today!

Bingo Story is a fun family game for all ages! Blitz the competition and bash your family and friends in friendly competition! Trade puzzle pieces and try your luck with our fun mini games and get your best bingo on!

With our new and improved club system, there’s always a friendly face to help you along your bingo story. Club members can gift extra puzzle pieces to each other, trade collection pieces, and more, all you must do is ask a friendly club member!

Try our fun mini games, and with some luck, you can win big prizes! Our bingo game offers a variety of mini games for players of all ages, and of course, our bingo is family friendly!

In addition to your bingo experience, we’ve got fun, friendly fairy tale puzzles for you and your fellow bingo players to complete. With over 30+ puzzles to choose from, and new puzzles each month, there's tons of bingo fun in our free bingo game!

ALL NEW collection items for our friendly bingo users to collect – each item being fantasy themed – and trade. With hundreds of fantastical collection items to collect, blitz to collect them all in Bingo Story!

Our global chat room is the hot spot for puzzle piece trading and collection item trading! Friendly free bingo players are everywhere! It’s almost like a bingo show with a live chat feed!

Have you already become one of the best free bingo game players in bingo town? Dub yourself the king of bingo and take a seat on the bingo show? Have you completed all the bingo puzzles, and are looking for more? Look no further: follow our Facebook page and Twitter page for up-to-date news on Bingo Story, the fantastical free bingo game, and for free daily rewards here:

Need help? Try our FAQ at

Bingo Story offers optional in-app purchases for additional content and in-game currency. Success within this free Bingo game does not imply future success with real money gambling. Our mobile game does not offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes. Success within, and winning in Bingo Story does not imply future success with real money gambling or casino games.


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11304 条评价

Love the game

I absolutely love playing this game, but the crates are not easy to get unless you are playing all day and night in order to bingo to get them. I think that when your playing and you get so many bingos no matter what the supply crate amount calls for, the other bingos that you got should go towards the following supply crate. Having to start back at zero after getting so many bingos just makes it hard for me to give a 5 star review.



App constantly crashes. Never get reimbursed for lost items.


Ok game

The game is ok. I think you need to increase the daily bingo credits‼️‼️


Pretty upset

So every now and then i do the 64 token games... and TIGHT at the end, after i double my winnings, it freezes.. so it just did it now so not ONLY did i NOT get my 1,100,000 for the score but it didnt even give me my tokens back!! I usually really like this game bit if i keep losing my score AND tokens then this game isn’t worth it! Pls give me my points and tokens or just my tokens! This has happened 3-4 times to me...


Expensive and each update makes it worse.

Loved this game before the extreme measures. When I first started playing, there were a certain number of bingos allowed per round, so bingo balls were called until there were no more slots. Now you have 30 bingo balls called, no bingo, pay coins (half of the room cost/ 4 coins for free rooms) for 5 more balls. 92% of the time it’s a waste! Recently during the regular game, if you don’t pay attention.. you don’t get 30 calls! You might get 28-23 depending on the coins spent. If you spend the max amount, 3 out of 5 games you’ll get 25 call balls with the max amount of items needed(but you WILL NEVER GET)the other 2 games you get a full call with the least amount of goals you’re playing for and 0 club balls/puzzle pieces. It’s becoming a ripoff! Highly disappointed!! Not to mention it becomes incredibly slow and freezes constantly! Getting very frustrated..


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