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Birdpapa™ - Bubble Crush

发行商: sun boyang
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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fun games for bubble shooter, beautiful picture quality, fun puzzle levels, offline, this is a girl games!

Welcome to the happy life of Birdpapa. You can find a cute birds baby hiding in the depths of the bubble jungle with Birdpapa. You can go underground to find treasures and help Birdpapa reunite with his wife. Slide your fingers, remove colored bubbles, pop, depop, watch, baby birds are what you find.

More friends are waiting for your exploration, like bats holding small balls, thieves who steal small balls, flowers floating in the sky, piranhas who eat small balls, and slimes that will split And friends like panda elephants...Go and play with Birdpapa.

How to play:
- Slide to aim and match the ball you want, let go and shoot.
- Match 3 or more identical bubbles.
- Remove the bubbles to find the cute birds.
- Remove all bubbles to get a treasure chest.
- Remove the bubbles that blocks Birdpapa and help him find his wife.
- Clicking on the gift pack in the game will increase your bubbles.
- Click on the magic birds in the game and use their power to make it easy for you to pass the game.
- The game will give you stars based on your performance in the game. The higher the score, the more stars.
+ shooting games, Unzip the relaxed shooting experience.
+ offline games, Open and play the last game anytime, anywhere.
+ girl games, The operation is simple, light thinking, and challenging. It is a game suitable for girls, the elderly, children, and everyone.
+ fun games, Four exclusive animal partners, 600+ carefully designed levels, 30+ interesting element designs, we will continue to update.

Subscribe for $7.99 per week to access above features!
- Daily login rewards are doubled for free.
- All boxes rewards are doubled for free.
- Increased lives limit to 7.
- With the first subscription, you can receive 100 gold coins and 1 hour of unlimited lives.

- The subscription price is $7.99 per week (free trial for 3 days).
- Your payment and confirmation email will be sent and processed by Apple store.
- Under normal circumstances, your membership will automatically renew the next cycle and deduct the payment within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription cycle. No additional operation is required.
- If you want to turn off the automatic renewal function, please operate at least 24 hours before the expiration of your current subscription, You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto renewal in Apple store settings.
- Any free trial is limited to one!
- Click "Restore" to allow you to continue using the member content in the new device using the account that has subscribed to the member!

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You can download it to your children, girlfriends, old parents, and yourself for free.
Birdpapa wish you a happy life!


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