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Birds of the Netherlands

发行商: Spiny Software Ltd
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Written and designed by experts, this is a guide to 275 birds with songs and calls provided by top sound recordists, text specially written by biologist Dr Hilary Lind, and carefully selected photos showing a variety of plumages. You can add your own photos to the app to compliment the images provided and to really make the app your own. In addition to the 275 birds featured, the app also recognises the names of over 700 species and subspecies, so that you can record sightings of these birds.

We have over 12 years experience of developing nature programs and this has enabled us to create a guide designed to identify birds as quickly as possible. The app selects the birds for the area where you live, identifies mystery birds, records your sightings, includes multiple images and key features, plus includes a built-in simple-to-use email backup and an export facility.

BIRDS OF THE NETHERLANDS is a field guide:
• A selection of images for each bird (male, female, juvenile, alternate plumage, flight image and nest
• For many birds, an annotated photo shows key features, to help distinguish similar species
• Recordings of both song and calls
• 'Here and Now' feature shows birds in your part of the country and this time of year
• Search by name, scientific name, part of name
• Sort alphabetically by name or second name, by taxonomic group, or by length
• Make a shortlist of favourite birds for fast access
• Specially written text on appearance, status in the Netherlands, habitat, diet, nest, lifespan and more
• European distribution map for each bird

BIRDS OF THE NETHERLANDS is a bird identifier:
• Use the 'Bird Finder' for fast identification of unknown birds
• Enter details such as size, colour, bill length and other features, date, habitat and location to select a shortlist
• Results are presented as a display of photos so that you can quickly spot the best match

BIRDS OF THE NETHERLANDS is a record keeper:
• Automatically note the date, time and location (including RD-coördinaten) of each bird sighting
• Make your own notes on each bird
• Store records of all your sightings, sort by name, location or date
• View records on a map
• Export your sightings as an Excel file
• Simple to use email back-up to save your data
The built-in simple-to-use email backup not only ensures that you don't lose your data, but even allows you to transfer the data to another device, so you won't lose your details even if you buy a new phone!


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