BKT Smart

发行商: BKT
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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BKT Smart provides fast and secure banking services for retail customers anywhere, anytime on your Smartphone, needless to go to BKT branches and have a computer.

BKT Smart access is possible through an internet connection, offered by any mobile operator or Wi-Fi.

To enter to BKT Smart you just need to have your Customer ID, click to register button and follow the registration steps. By using the same password you can access to BKT Smart and Internet Branch.
By checking Remember Me you do not need to enter any time your Customer ID.

BKT Smart provides the search for the location of ATMs or the nearest BKT branch, the Exchange Calculator and the Exchange Rate without having to login to the system.

Services are provided in two languages, Albanian and English.

By using BKT Smart, you can be informed and make payments about your accounts, credit cards or your utility bills. You can use electronic top up service for the needed Mobile Operator even direct by your phone contacts. You can transfer money between your accounts, toward BKT accounts, or toward accounts in other banks operating in Albania. You can open new current accounts or saving account and you can perform exchange. You can open a new deposit or can liquidate an existing one.

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