Bling Keys Free Custom Keyboard

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Get your bling on! Use Bling Keys Free Custom Keyboard to customize your iOS keyboard with our custom bling buttons/keys, backgrounds and templates. Our bling theme includes diamonds, rubies, sapphires, jewel tones, crystals, glitter, silver, gold and vibrant colors. Modify our templates by changing key colors, font styles and colors, and background colors, or upload a background image from your device's camera or gallery.

The free version of Bling Keys Free Custom Keyboard offers:
Unlimited color selection for key font, buttons, and background.
Image upload from camera/gallery for keyboard background
3 Custom Key Fonts
3 Custom Buttons/Keys
3 Custom Backgrounds
3 Custom Templates

The Bling Keys upgrade offers:
Removal of in-app advertising
Unlimited color selection for key font, buttons, and background.
Image upload from camera/gallery for keyboard background
9 Custom Key Fonts
33 Custom Buttons/Keys
33 Custom Backgrounds
8 Custom Templates

For you to use your custom keyboard on your device, Bling Keys Free Custom Keyboard requires Full Access in Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Bling Keys > Bling Keys - Bling Keys. We respect your privacy and do not -- nor will we ever -- track anything you type or text. (If you update or upgrade the app, you will have already turned “Allow Full Access” on. Please toggle "Allow Full Access" off and then back on.)

If you have multiple keyboards on your device, tap the globe icon to switch between keyboards, or press and hold the globe icon to open a menu of keyboards.

Font selection will change the appearance of the letters on the keyboard, but it does not change the font in the body of the text messages you send.

At this time, we do not support auto-cap, auto-correct or predictive text.

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