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Blood Pressure Diary 2

发行商: cellHigh
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Newly Redesigned!

Are you like one of the 1 billion Americans who experience high or low blood pressure? How can Blood Pressure Tracker 2 help? Blood Pressure Tracker was designed to work with a few screen taps. The Tracker allows you to use triggers like stress, sleep, weather, diet or any other specific factors to predict and manage your blood pressure highs and lows. Blood Pressure Tracker 2 has a new “Trending and Forecasting” module that shows you which factors and triggers contribute to your blood pressure symptoms. This will help you feel better and will allow you to take control of your Blood Pressure. Blood Pressure Tracker 2 makes it easy to perform tasks like tracking your treatment progress and identifying patterns. Blood Pressure readings are color coded to help identify issues. The app has several reports and graphs that show numerous details. With the Tracker you can track your blood pressure, graph your patterns, email reports, including graphical attachments to your doctor. The Tracker allows you to customize many features, export your data to a spread sheet and all with just a few screen taps. Do you want all of your Blood Pressure health records and information at your fingertips so that you can start feeling better Blood Pressure Tracker 2 can help.

-Enter, document, and track as much or as little information as you want with a few screen taps

-Document and Track your blood pressure and heart rate.

-Track your triggers, including food, stress, location, activity, weather patterns, sleep patterns and weight.

-Keep Track of which treatments really help and those that do not with the Treatment Summary analysis report.

-Keep track of your health records including hospital or doctor visits, surgeries and procedures, laboratory tests and results, procedures, and the mental and physical symptoms you are experiencing.

-Record your Thoughts & Notes.

-Keep track of your appointments, doctor visits, your test results, surgeries and procedures

-Record all your therapy details, including medications and side-effects

-Track multiple doctors and laboratories

-Graph your patterns of experiences, email reports, including graphical attachments to your doctor so that they can help you adjust

-Customize many features; export your data to a spread sheet for offline backup and all with just a few screen taps

-Find out which factors and triggers contribute to your symptoms.

Please don’t give up until you can manage your Blood Pressure and become stress-free, symptom-free and happy.

Keep all your Blood Pressure medical records and information at your fingertips with this easy-to-use journal.

Makes it easy to feel better, be happy, organized and stress-free!


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