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Note: This is a fair app and cannot be used on board of an aircraft
In-flight entertainment goes wireless. BoardConnect is the award-winning wireless in-flight entertainment system developed by Lufthansa Systems. Several airlines, including Virgin Australia, Lufthansa and El Al have happily chosen our lean solution. With BoardConnect, they provide a cost efficient and highly dynamic entertainment solution with a unique flight experience to their passengers. Furthermore BoardConnect is the perfect platform for shopping, advertising, loyalty integration personalized services (eg. connecting flight, etc.).

The set-up of BoardConnect requires just one server and several access points, which are distributed throughout the aircraft cabin. Our competitive prices allow for the retrofitting of older aircraft as well as speedy implementation into new airplanes: This way in-flight entertainment and a multitude of services can now be provided in all aircraft types at feasible pricing. The high reliability of the solution is outstanding and reduces maintenance events significantly compared to any other solution in the market place.

Just download the BoardConnect App and stream our in-flight entertainment offering straight to your phone or your tablet.

BoardConnect - the perfect platform for all your services in the cabin.

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