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***Contains all 3 levels: Beginner, Advanced and Expert!

Ultimate Minimalist Training To Build The Chiseled & Athletic Phisique You Want!

In just 3 months, with no gym membership and only spending 45 minutes 3 times a week, you can move from struggling with regular push ups and chin ups to acing difficult movements such as feet elevated push ups side to side, explosive pull ups and much more

Bodyweight exercises are a simple, effective way to improve balance, flexibility, and strength without any machinery. From legs and shoulders to chest and abs, we’ve covered every part of the body that can get stronger with body resistance alone

Bodyweight Calisthenic Progression has 3 levels. Each level is designed to build you up to the subsequent level. This is how a highly effective bodyweight training works. It’s not about adding reps; it’s about progressing to more advanced workout variations

Progress on our different exercises and you’ll build a perfectly aesthetic physique!


- Specific workouts for every level
- Youtube Link&Description for every exercise
- Detailed progress through various graphs and charts
- New timer - total time of workout, exact number of repetitions or time spent on each exercise
- Calendar: navigate through days of the calendar and see when you worked out, what routines and how many exercises you did
- General data: calories burned since your first workout, calories per workout, average time of workout, how many cycles you worked out in total etc...
- Instructions for hundreds of exercises, sorted by body region, muscle, equipment etc
- Body Tracker : you can add and track weight&measurements : Shoulder, Upper&Lower Arm, Neck, Chest, Waist etc...
- calculate BMI

The first week, you will perform Workout A twice per week, the second week you would perform Workout B twice per week, and so on.
Here’s how A-B workout splits look:
Week 1
- Workout Alpha
- Workout Beta
- Workout Alpha

Week 2
- Workout Beta
- Workout Alpha
- Workout Beta

In Workout Alpha, we’ll be focusing on chest, one leg squats and explosive pull-ups. In Workout Beta, we’ll be focusing on back, shoulders, explosive jumps and abs.
Then on both days, we’ll work on bridging and L-sits. These movements help support a highly functional, limber physique.

The 9 Levels In The Bodyweight Calisthenic Progression
In the Bodyweight Calisthenic Progression( Beginner&Intermediate&Advanced), there are a total of 9 levels. Each level is designed to build you up to the subsequent level. As you work your way up to the higher levels, you will be working with more advanced exercises.
This is how a highly effective bodyweight training program works. It’s not about adding more and more reps; it’s about progressing to more advanced workout variations.
Most people will spend 3-4 weeks at each level before progressing to the next level…

- In 9 months, you can go from doing feet-elevated push-ups to feet-elevated one-arm push-ups with ease.

Read the rest in Tutorial inside the app

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