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Bolt - Bolt There Now!

发行商: Bytelogics
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch


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BOLT is an innovative, tech-driven mobility company revolutionizing transportation through safe, smart & sustainable solutions. And the BOLT app is the tool to get you to your home, work, school, train station, gym, park, grocery store, bus stop, restaurant, friend’s place or Mom’s house—make no mistake: you should be visiting Mom more often.

BOLT brings a customized approach to micromobility—transportation solutions for short distances—and we build official partnerships with your city to meet your transportation needs. Use the BOLT app to avoid traffic gridlock & parking congestion, as well as to minimize your carbon footprint!

It’s easy to use the BOLT app to find a nearby BOLT e-scooter: download the BOLT app, scan a QR code to unlock and get BOLTing! And please BOLT safely: wear a helmet, respect pedestrians & park responsibly!

If BOLT isn’t yet in your neighborhood, worry not—we’re coming your way soon! Lots more information at, and connect directly with BOLT at With BOLT, it’s about safe, smart, sustainable transportation solutions and broad societal change.

BOLT Benefits:
BOLT is only e-scooter with dual foot-rests—for greater balance, vision/sight-lines & safety
BOLT conducts daily inspections, including 5-point testing, with real-time error reporting
BOLT provides complimentary helmets (via BOLT app &
BOLT fleet maintained by full-time staff (no contractors), with 24/7 live customer service & support
BOLT “swaps” recyclable batteries that are remanufactured (not disposed of in landfills!)
BOLT custom designs and manufactures entire fleet for greater durability, safety, sustainability
BOLT Forward: 50% discount provided via to underserved/low-income, military & cash-only consumers

Follow BOLT on social media:
Instagram: @bolt_now
Twitter: @bolt_now
Facebook: @boltnow
LinkedIn: Bolt Mobility


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