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BrainLetics-Brain Training App

发行商: Singulart Corp
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BrainLetics is the best games for brain training, collected in 1 app for the effective brain development, memory, attention, concentration, multitasking, speed reading, communication training, and more. etc. In our BrainLetics app we collected the best and most effective games for brain development, attention, memory, concentration, multitasking, speed reading, communication training for children, teenagers and even adults.

A collection of brain development games in BrainLetics:

1) Memory training game - Rem Number
In Rem Number, your task is to memorize the number shown on the screen and enter it using the keyboard. The game will teach you to the minimum time fixation when reading and help to develop super memory, improve memory and improve speed reading.

2) Concentration and attention training game - Low Top
In the Low Top game, your task is to click from a smaller number to a larger number or vice versa. The game will help you in training problem solving, as well as help you to pump and improve concentration and attention, because concentration of attention is a very important skill in everyone’s life.

3) Communication and vocabulary development game - Build it On
In Build It On, your task is to finish words that begin with a specific 2 letters. With proper input, a building is being built. The game will help you improve communication and for vocabulary development.

4) Multitasking training game - Correct Color
In the game Correct Color, your task is to determine whether the values ​​of the upper cards correspond to the text color of the lower cards. The game will help you to improve multitasking and improve attention.

5) Speed reading training game - Schulte Table
In the game Schulte Table, your task is to quickly consistently find all the numbers or other objects located in the table. The game will help you improve speed reading and improve attention.

If you are looking for the best games for brain development, memory, attention, intelligence, thinking, speed reading, concentration, multitasking, communication and much more, then BrainLetics will be your faithful assistant in this, because in the BrainLetics app you can find the best games for brain development and you can easily develop your brain, improve attention, eloquence, improve memory, because This is the best brain, memory, attention, concentration, speed reading trainer for children, adolescents and adults.

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