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Brick Car2 Game for Boy & Girl

发行商: Labo Lado Inc.
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Labo Brick Car 2 is a game for kids that can stimulate their imagination and creativity. It is an amazing car building, driving, and racing app for children. It provides a virtual sandbox where children can freely build and play with brick cars.

In Labo Brick Car 2, children can build unique cars by putting together pieces of colorful bricks like a puzzle. They can select from 140+ classical templates, including police cars, fire trucks, racing cars, sports cars, road rollers, excavators, monster trucks, buses, lunar rover, and more. Optionally, they can create entirely new designs using various brick styles and car parts. Once a car has been built, the children can thus go on the levels and play racing games.

1. 2 design modes: template mode and free mode.
2. 140+ classical cars templates in template mode.
3. various brick styles, car parts with 10 colors.
4. classical car wheels, and a large number of stickers.
5. 10+ amazing levels, built-in a variety of mini-games.
6. Share cars with other players and browse or download cars created by others online.

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- Summary
A los niños les gustan los juegos de transporte y los juegos de coches. Labo Building Blocks 2 es un juguete de coche digital,simulador de coche y juego de coches para niños. Este es un excelente juego de preescolar y juego de carreras para niños. En la aplicación usted es libre de crear coches,camiones,coches especiales,vehículos de rescate,o coches clásicos de plantillas. Se pueden conducir coches y jugar mini-juegos en la carretera. Labo Building Blocks Car 2 es un juego que a los aficionados a los coches les encantará. Este juego es adecuado para niños mayores de 5 años y niñas mayores de 5 años.


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