Buddhist Mantra Mala

发行商: Wisdom Eye Studios, LLC
价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Install Buddhist Mantra Mala on your iOs device and generate sacred vibrations – anywhere, any time. Keep count of mantra recitation totals. Contemplate beautiful Buddhist images. Listen to inspiring mantra chants.

The scrolling text mode turns your device into a powerful, variable speed prayer wheel – capable of producing thousands of mantras per minute.

Pick one of our 12 mala designs. Tap the virtual mala as you repeat mantras and it will advance one bead at a time. The app will keep count of all your accumulations – both for the session and a running total. You can also edit the total, to add-in recitations counted on your real mala.

Select one of the 6 plain colored background screens in order to count mantras more discretely – on the train, standing in line, sitting in the waiting room, and walking in the park...

Buddhist Mantra Mala comes pre-programmed with 10 of the most popular Tibetan Buddhist mantra practices. Each practice includes a description, a high quality image, the corresponding written text, and an inspirational audio track.

Every mantra set is fully editable. You can also add your own practices easily, by selecting images and audio tracks from the app's support website, from the Internet, or from files on your mobile device.

Some of the App's Many Features:

• 10 Pre-programmed Tibetan Buddhist Mantra Practices:
◦ Amitabha – Buddha of Boundless Light
◦ Avalokiteshvara – Bodhisattva of Compassin
◦ Green Tara – The Miraculous Saviouress
◦ Manjushri – Embodiment of Wisdom
◦ Medicine Buddha – Supreme Healer
◦ Padmasambhava – The Great Guru Rinpoche
◦ Prajnaparamita – Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom
◦ Shakyamuni – The Buddha of our Present Age
◦ Vajrapani – Wrathful Bodhisattva of Power
◦ Vajrasattva – Purification of Karma
• A short description of the meaning of each practice
• High quality Deity images
• Choice of Tibetan and Romanized script for mantra text
• Adjustable-speed, scrolling mantra prayer generator
• Virtual Mala for counting mantra recitations
• Keeps count of mantra recitation totals for each practice
• Audio tracks for each mantra
• Add unlimited practices, images, and audio tracks
• Edit any mantra as you like
• Choose between 12 different types of mala beads
• 6 different background colors available

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