Build and Design Dream House

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Remember some games of your childhood, where you should build the house from chairs, tables, pillows, and blankets? Everybody played it, we’re sure! But now it’s time to build your own sweet home… of your dream! Check our new Build and Design Dream House game and you’ll be able to use all your craft and designing skills!

Welcome to the large open world filled with awesome animals, bright meadows, green forests and vital resources! Everything is yours here, just come and get it! Collect wood, stones, seeds and other interesting things to build your own country house and (maybe) even start the farming career! Everything is possible here, in your sweet homeworld!

Gather resources and you’ll be able to unlock amazingly made furniture, colorful home decorations (like pictures, fences, little pillows and even more), barns and other buildings for your future farming career, and, of course, animals! Cows, sheep, dogs, horses… they’re all waiting for you to play in Build and Design Dream House game – best app for all the home design lovers!

Do everything possible to succeed in the chosen profession – start with the resources gathering, then go to the house building (the basement, walls and the roof are necessary here) and finish your sweet home with some awesome decorations!

Build and Design Dream House features:
• Amazing simulator for all the design app lovers
• Chance to build your own country house
• Real opportunity to decorate it and furnish
• Many unlockable skins and decorations
• Large open world to explore
• Amazing 3D surroundings for more fun

Check your home designing skills playing this awesome Build and Design Dream House game – you won’t be disappointed!

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