Buraco Online Card Game

发行商: PlaySpace
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Buraco Playspace is an online multiplayer game where you can chat with your friends while you challenge them or one of the other thousands of players who make up our community.

Create sequences, meld a card, discard, take the cards from the pile, create the best canastas, and go all out!

Be the best Buraco online player!


- It is free to play!
- Chat and play with your friends.
- Play together, when strategy is needed you can team up with your friends and play 2 against 2.
- Become the best Buraco player in our ranking.
-You can play with your friends and family on any device.

If you have a problem or would like to make a suggestion please contact us.

You can contact us on http://goo.gl/qXIggC where you can also keep up to date with our news and take part in draws.

Remember, an Internet connection is required to be able to play.

Terms and conditions: http://goo.gl/u30FLZ

Enjoy the best multi-player Buraco game!

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