C - Black

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C - Black

A color filter app that allows you to add color to your daily life.

C - Black offers 15 high-end black&white filters that we specially created together with leading color and design experts. Use the app to express your unique personality and make your memories even more special.

If you want to love your photos all over again, join the C Series.

◎ Amazing 15 B&W filters
- Make your photos even more special. -
Choose from 15 amazing black&white filters specially created by color experts. The most surprising news for users is that we constantly update our app.

◎ Ai Filter Recommendation
- Smart Filter Recommendation Feature. -
Artificial intelligence will find the optimal color combination for your photos.
Make your photos beautiful by using the recommended black&white filter.

◎ Real-time Filter
- Choose the filter and create your photos exactly as you want. -
Use the app to add color to your photos more easily, simply, and quickly.

◎ The best performance utilizing MetalKit
MetalKit is a better way for using GPU to process images and videos on iPhone. We developed functions that can create photos more effectively through MetalKit. Edit your photos more quickly and beautifully with the latest graphics processing functionality.

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