Call of Special Ops Modern FPS

发行商: Asad Habib
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Are you craving for some real action? Join the Call of Special Ops - Modern Warfare to bang the terrorists. The avenge of the fallen began and the elite squad is on its way to rescue the hostages from the evil forces of the world. This is not some robot battle where you are just acting responsibly; you have to participate fully in this war to kill as many terrorists as you can.

Secure the sensitive assets from enemies and diffuse any explosive matter they have planted for the destruction of the city. The raven field is all industrial area and an explosion can cause damage worth millions. Activate your first-person action mode and get busy hunting the enemies.

Join the forces for a death match between modern ops and the terrorists. The situation can get tough sometimes in the match. Keep in mind the last day rules of survival its either them or you.

There are days when you are alone in shooting games and all the responsibilities lie on your shoulder. This is a modern strike of 2020 and rescue missions have to be successful at any cost. Crossout the path of every terrorist in this first-person shooting game by using war machines, weapons and Amos you are provided with. Complete the mission of the westward journey. Keep in mind the rules of survival as you are the last survivor. Remember that survival heroes are going to be honored the day after tomorrow.

Download this free FPS Call of Special Ops - Modern FPS game and enjoy the action. Some exciting features of this game are:-

Call of Special Ops Modern FPS is the next version of "Critical Encounter Free Fire". If you like our game "Critical Encounter Free Fire" you will definitely love this. What are you waiting for? Press the get & enjoy starts playing. 
Please let us know your feedback about our game.

Some Features:-
•Play as a single soldier or join the team.
•A wide range of modern weapons.
•Unlimited rewards.
•Smooth controls.
•Realistic Industrial City.
•Night mode.
•Free & unlimited Amos.

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