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Calling App : Call People Incoming Prank

发行商: Sandeep Bhandari
价格: 免费


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Fake phone call - the best app when you want to have incoming phone call! It generates incoming phone call which looks very realistic! Everyone will think that someone is really calling to you!

You can personalize your incoming phone call. You can set the fake caller name, photo or voice. Set time delay when the phone should start ringing. Phone call will use your own ringing sound, so it will look very realistic.

Fake phone call - the best app when you want to pretend that someone is calling to you! Incoming call can help you in awkward situations! You can customize caller information like name, number, photo or caller's voice! Then just select call time delay and wait for a incoming call!! You can fool friends and pretend that someone very famous is calling to you!

'Fake phone call' is a very useful and easy to use app! It creates incoming calls so everyone will think that somebody is calling to you! Then you can avoid uncomfortable talks or meeting! Have you ever faced a boring or uncomfortable situation with your friends, family or relatives? In that case, everyone will think to execute from the situation, because no one like boring works. Wouldn’t it be great if your best friend or your mom called you at that moment and pretended to be in an emergency situation that required your immediate attention?

Don’t worry about that, you can easily make a fake incoming call on your phone at any time and any situation. With this timed false phone call, you can imagine it’s somebody essential and moves out of whatever uncomfortable or boring situation you’re in.

How to schedule incoming phone call?
1. Set caller name and surname
2. Additionally you can set caller photo and voice
3. Select time delay and wait for fake phone call!

Urgently answer the phone from unknown numbers to avoid boring conversation, or to find an excuse to leave the room! About the incoming call will help to get away from the unpleasant Affairs or the companions! Joke prank! "My phone is ringing! I need to answer!" - put the phone up to his ear, pretending to press the "reply" button, and you get away from the conversation with the words "Hello! I'm listening!". Pretend that the conversation is very serious, and last a very long time to a boring or unpleasant the interlocutor did not wait until you finish the conversation and left! Fake call will help to deceive anyone!
Pretend that the incoming call is very important and unexpected: "I call the President!", "Mom's calling!" - invented himself who is trying to contact you! Perhaps you are trying to find a phone Obama or Putin? Unfamiliar long the room will create an impression of your importance and indispensability!
Raffle friends with a prank about a challenge!

How Prank Calling App works?

Creating a fake call is very easy with Prank Calling App. Once installed on your phone, you can choose “Prank Call” to make a quick ring on your phone or can choose “SCHEDULE Prank Call” to enlist the call for future. Do you love prank? or Want to fool your friends by thinking them you are getting an important call from celebrities or VIP person?
fake call will help you. Funny fake call prank make fun your friends. Let your friend think have a important call from celebrity, ghost, girl friend (or boy friend), family and so on, he (she) will be surprised or scared.
fake call simulator a incoming call, let you relax in intense work and study time.

fake call allows you schedule a fake call to get out of awkward situation like boring conversation, parties or any other situation where you are not feeling comfortable.

Prank Calling App is a great app to prank with your friends by making free incoming calls on your device. Try it today and share with your friends.

This app allows you to fully customize caller info! You can select caller's photo from your gallery or use one of our selected images! Additionally you can set the voice which will be played after answering the call.


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