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Calmer You is the #1 anxiety app, with more than 50 tools and exclusive practices based on proven techniques for managing anxiety, stress, depression and more. It’s a complete anxiety toolkit – from calming your mind, to boosting your confidence, however you feel, there’s a tool to help. Plus try out the 28 session actionable course to guide you step-by-step into adding more calm and confidence into your daily life. All brought to you by anxiety expert, therapist, and Penguin Random House author Chloe Brotheridge, inspired by her own experiences with anxiety. Try for free and discover a calmer, happier you.

“It’s like having a hug in your pocket” – App Store review, S Hodkins

Instant support in the moments you need it most. Feel clearer, calmer and more confident in minutes.

Tools to help you:
- Calm worry
- Build self-esteem
- Manage social anxiety
- Sleep better
- Improve productivity
- Feel good on social media
- Make difficult decisions
- Boost your mood
- Practise mindfulness
- Tackle tricky thoughts
- Deal with uncertainty
- Be present in the moment
- Boost body confidence
- And much more

“It fills the gaps of Headspace” – App Store review, rocknrollajod

Calmer You is much more than just meditations. It takes the best of a range of approaches to help you find what works for you. Includes CBT techniques to work through your worries, visual breathing guides to calm your mind, HIIT workouts to get your body moving, yoga videos and sleep stories to help you wind down before bed, journaling to create habits of positivity and so much more.

“It’s really helping me to see a pattern!” – App Store review, desney1

Regularly track and visualise your mood over time to monitor your progress, understand your triggers and find out what works best for you
Create personalised wellbeing routines and develop daily habits to add a splash of positivity into everyday

“My life has changed” – App Store review, KLLoring

Create meaningful and lasting change in your life. Chloe’s bestselling book, The Anxiety Solution, transformed into practical actions so you can effortlessly put the best advice into action in your day-to-day life.

Thank you for your lovely reviews!

“I was solely using headspace (recommended to me by my GP to help my anxiety) but felt it was missing something ... Calmer You fills in all the gaps.” – App Store review by rocknrollajod

“My favourite app. This app is worth every penny. It’s absolutely fantastic. There are so many useful tools which I use everyday to help me. Just brilliant.” – App Store review by JaneAllan258

“Each time I use either of the tools I feel much better. I decided to commit to purchasing the app to unlock the courses and it was the best thing I’ve spent money on in a very long time. I’ve been consistent with using the course for 27 days now and I am a better, more aware person now because of it. My life is changed now since doing the breathing exercises. I can’t say enough posits I’ve things about this app!!” – App Store review by KLLoring

“Calmer-you provides everything you could possibly want in a wellbeing app! They provide courses, tools and a daily prompt to track your emotions such as anxiety and happiness. It’s really helping me to see a pattern! I can’t thank Chloe and the PSYT team enough for creating an amazing app to help me every single day, at any given time! Thank you!” – App Store review by desney1

“I’ve used various apps to try to help with my anxiety at a difficult time. I have to say that this app with its calming style and tools to use throughout your day is the best. The team at PSYT have done an amazing job! Download this it will definitely help you!”
– App Store review by craddlondon

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