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The world’s first automatic calorie counter. Know what you eat better than ever before. Caltrackr provides you with a full breakdown of all calories, vitamins, and all other elements of your diet. A friendly, natural, and perfected design provides users with a simplistic and intuitive calorie tracking experience that immerses effortlessly into daily life. Achieve your fitness and health goals faster to initiate the best version of yourself.


● Calorie tracker: Explore all nutrition elements of your diet through taking a picture of your meal. Simplified and automatic, this feature offers you to keep track of your nutrition and calorie intake with ease. Users can also log in food manually upon preference. A full nutritional information is then generated that provides users with complete awareness for all elements of their diet.

● Water tracker: Highlighting the importance of hydration, the water tracker offers a personalized counter to every user. It is supplemented with a weekly water intake statistic that helps users to keep a healthy level of hydration.

● Exercise tracker: An in-depth and pragmatic exercise tracker gives a chance to users to select a wide range of activities and exercises from the menu. Following, after the selection of the time of the exercise, the app calculates the calories that have been lost during the activity, which is then added to the daily progress diary.

● Progress Diary: The Caltrackr progress diary provides users with a daily outline of the food that has been consumed along with its nutritional information and the daily exercises that have been completed. Users can refer to any day that they have logged-in information.

● Top Article journal: Engaging and informative, the top articles provide essential information about various issues such as diet specifications, food characteristics, weight loss, weight gain and other topics that are of enormous benefit for users to chase their goals and achieve them accordingly and healthily.

● Caltrackr Profile: Overall summary of users’ nutritional and fitness data. A space where users can reflect on their progress at any moment. Statistics are generated separately for the calorie intake, calories burned, water consumed and weight progress on one week, two weeks, five weeks, twelve weeks, and overall basis.


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