CamStam : TimeStamp & Date Cam

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a) Get Time and Date Stamp on all the photos captured
b) View all captured photos in the gallery area
c) Camera options such as flash and switch camera available
d) Forward captured photos to other applications instantly

CamStam Timestamping:
CamStam Camera provides authentic and unalterable time on all the photos captured. Be it your insurance business or legal proofs or body transformation tracking or casual photos, CamStam camera’s auto time and date stamping can be helpful.

CamStam Camera is a complete ad-free platform. Made for professional users, the app is designed to provide a full ad-free professional experience.

Offline Storage:
We value your privacy! CamStam camera stores all your photos on your own phone. It doesn’t upload photos anywhere, making it 100% privacy compliant. It is just as capturing photos on your default camera app.

In-App Gallery:
The in-app gallery of the app lists down all the recently captured photos in a quick access view. The date-based sorting makes it easy to access older photos.

Purchase & Future Updates:
CamStam can be purchased at a one-time payment of $1. All the future upgrades and updates are free for all users. No additional cost will be involved.

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