Car Dashboard Symbols

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Car Dashboard Warning Lights, Indicator, Symbols.
• 315 Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White Symbols
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• Most complete Description and Recommendation
• Optimized for LED Screens of iPhone X
• Super Dark Interface
• Search Symbols by keywords
• Random Display and Sorting of Symbols
• Support Tactics Engine
• Support 3D Touch for Interface and Home Screen Icon
• Copy, Send, Share image and description
• Studying Dashboard Symbols
• Favorite List for your Symbols
• 315 Colorful Stickers Pack for iMessage
• And another useful functional

This app is intended for those who have difficulties to find the answers of the driver's dashboard warning lights. I will try to get to know with the most common used dashboard warning lights into the passenger vehicles. Dashboard lights are not always "scary thing" and not always required immediate engine shutting off or vehicle stopping, but in some cases should not ignore them, because they can warn us and prevent possibility to be happen significant damages. So, you can treat them like messages to the driver, which usually indicate that a fault or a malfunction has occurred inside the vehicle's system.

Not all warning lights are universal and common used by all vehicle manufacturers. It is recommended always to take a look into your owner's manual when you are not sure what some specific light indicates. The dashboard warning lights shown below are the most basic and commonly used by most manufacturers, so please take a look, you may find some answers of the meaning of symbols.

• Red dashboard warning light: A red dashboard light suggests a potential serious problem to either the vehicle or to your safety. A red warning light may also be used to remind you of an important issue.
• Orange or yellow dashboard warning light: A orange or yellow dashboard warning light is intended to provide the driver information that the engine or a component of the vehicle needs repairing or servicing.
• Flashing dashboard warning light: A flashing dashboard warning light is used to inform the driver of a state of urgency that the engine or component of the vehicle needs repair or replacing.
• Green or blue dashboard lights: Green or blue dashboard lights are for informational purposes to inform the driver that a system or utility is in operation.

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