Car Exhaust Quiz

发行商: Niranjan Gopinath
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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EXHAUST QUIZ - The Ultimate App for a car person !

Can you tell the make and model of a car by just listening to its exhaust?

Why not test your knowledge on Car Exhaust Notes.

This is your chance to prove how much you know about cars. Features a huge list of Exotic Supercars, Hypercars and Sports cars with distinctive exhaust notes. An experience that will be “Music to my ears”, for Car Lovers !

√ Choose from 225 Levels of Engine Startup, Revving and Acceleration

√ Listen to some of the best engine and exhaust notes, observe a pattern among manufacturers.

√ Post your score on Facebook or Twitter and compare your score with your friends.

√ You get 4 options to pick from.

√ Gorgeous and Simple User Interface : Inspired by cars themselves.

√ Regular updates with new cars and makes.

A must for car lovers !

TRY it for yourself and see if you are a REAL CAR GUY !

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