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Cardio Z

发行商: UBQO Limited
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Instant Z-Scores For All The Paediatric Cardiology Parameters You Review Everyday.

Cardio Z has been developed by the experienced Paediatric Cardiology team at Evelina Children's Hospital, London, UK in collaboration with the technology company UBQO. The application makes it easy to calculate Z-scores and centiles for the many cardiac and paediatric measurements that are made in normal clinical practice. Cardio Z distils a wealth of clinical research parameters into a single accessible format.

Z–scores and centiles are a means of expressing how far a measurement is above (positive Z-score) or below (negative Z-score) the average for the size or age of a patient. They are particularly important in assessing and monitoring growing patients, from fetal life though to adulthood.

Health professionals need to be able to access the normal ranges for cardiac parameters at every age and size, and cross-checking of measurements can be time-consuming and inconvenient. Cardio Z will prove invaluable for both clinicians working directly in Paediatric Cardiology, and those who work in other fields of Paediatrics.

Cardio Z allows users to access Z-scores without the need for an internet connection, or the requirement to input the same data in multiple calculators. Users can define their own settings so that they can be sure that their use of z-scores is consistent over time, whilst still allowing flexibility for the experienced clinician. Comprehensive guidance is available ensuring that measurements are consistent with those of the original research, allowing valid comparisons.

Cardio-Z creates a summary of all z-scores for each patient, which can then be saved, e-mailed or printed. Simple, reliable and time-saving.


- Cardio Z allows calculation of z-scores of:
- Height, weight, BMI and head circumference
- Clinic blood pressure, with calculation of a user-defined 'target centile' blood pressure
- Echocardiographic measurements of most cardiac structures, including valves, chambers, vessels and coronary arteries
- Fetal echocardiographic measurements, using gestational age, femur length or biparietal diameter as size reference
- M-mode echocardiography, including TAPSE
- Pulsed wave velocities, including E/E' ratio and E/A ratio
- Tissue Doppler velocities and time intervals. Including Isovolumetric Contraction Time (IVCT), Isovolumetric Relaxation Time (IVRT), Ejection Time and Myocardial Performance Index
- Discriminant scores for neonatal aortic stenosis with borderline left ventricle
- ECG parameters (2nd and 98th centiles) and corrected QT interval calculation


- Guidance tips for measurements, including diagrams and notes of the methods of the original researchers
- Centiles, as well as z-scores, displayed for all parameters
- No need to re-enter height and weight: baseline data only needs to be entered once
- Generation of a .pdf summary which can be saved, e-mailed or printed
- Saved patient Z-score summaries can be accessed and edited at a later date
- Short-cut keys for frequently used parameters
- Body surface area calculator can be defined to use the same algorithms as the original research
- Cardio Z reduces the inconvenience of making Z-score calculations, and improves the correct application of this important clinical tool. The App is not a substitute for clinical judgement or institutional policies, thus it should complement and not replace normal procedures for making clinical decisions.

We hope you enjoy using Cardio Z!


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