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CardWiz Pro: Biz Card Reader

发行商: Tapclay
价格: 1.99 USD


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Snap a photo of your business card with iPhone camera, CardWiz instantly digitize all the card information into your personal contact, right on your iPhone. Fast and easy.

CardWiz securely sync contacts to your own Google or Salesforce account. CardWiz comes with easy to use contact management. You can label tag your contacts, sort your business card by group or tag.

You can interact with the business card with single click on its data fields. Click on the address CardWiz will bring up the maps. Click on the phone number CardWiz will dial the number for you. CardWiz will do email or direct you to web browser and etc.

CardWiz also allow you to edit the contact info with ease. You can use the scanned data to fill in your contact data fields.


▶ Why CardWiz?

◉ NO additional account registration for syncing your business cards, or worry about privacy issue like your business contacts are kept in 3rd party servers.

◉ As long you have a Google or Salesforce account, your contacts are securely synced and backup to your own personal account.

◉ Read any business cards with high recognition accuracy, with multi-language support.

◉ Intelligent image processing: Auto text orientation, auto card rotation, smart image crop and auto image adjustment to enhance scan results.

◉ Simple contact management: Easy tagging on contacts, contacts grouping, fast searching and sorting of your contact list.

◉ CardWiz works offline on your iPhone, anywhere. No internet is required. Instant text recognition.

◉ Cloud backup and sync across multiple devices + web based access to cards.

◉ Interaction with business card by clicking on the data fields.

◉ Best tool for salesperson. Manage your sales leads on CardWiz contact management and sync to Salesforce.

◉ Built in image editing tools for you to manually rotate or crop to the image to achieve best scan result.

Download now to take advantage of this useful app. With a click of a button, you'll be transforming your business card into digital contacts and never lose a contact again.

Support multi-language recognition up to 12 languages including:

* English
* Dutch
* French
* German
* Italian
* Japanese
* Polish
* Portuguese
* Russian
* Simplified Chinese
* Spanish
* Turkish



When taking photo, business card best to be placed on a dark surface. So CardWiz can detect the edge more precisely and auto crop the image.


We'd love to hear your feedback, email us at to ask any question or get help from our team.


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