Cargo Ship Simulator: Car Transporter 3D

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Have you ever tried to be a captain of a huge ferry transporting cargo? Deliver goods, sail across sea, feel fresh salt air… You can try it with our new app - Cargo Ship Simulator: Car Transporter in 3D!

Customers are waiting for their car, so drive your heavy cargo ship to transport cars by the sea. Be a captain of a ferry – special car transporter ship, carrying goods by the sea. But if you think this game is only about controlling cargo ship, you’re wrong. Do you like driving and parking games? We’ve integrated parking simulator in cargo ship simulator, so you can play it both in one game! Survive exploring the high seas and keep your cargo safe as a real floater!

Cargo Ship Simulator: Car Transporter game includes all the facilities of car and ship or boat simulators!

Don’t forget about the time counter – people are waiting for goods you’re carrying on your ship. Remember, the faster you deliver cargo – the more money you earn playing this unusual car transporter simulator! Also be careful and avoid sinking or other accidents! Park your ship in port to load goods, choose the destination point, deliver goods by sea and start ultimate sea adventure with this heavy cargo ship simulator!

Explore sea ports, find cars to deliver and enjoy amazing ship simulator for virtual ferries of all the ages! Drive cars to park it on your ship, and park your ship in sea port accurately to avoid accidents or sinking your ship. Earn money for delivery to upgrade or repair your ferry car transporter. Feel like a real captain of heavy cargo ship, try to deliver your cargo on time. Don’t forget, t’s not just a freeride on the water for fun, it’s your job and it has a lot of responsibility! Sail huge ferry through the storm or smooth sea with Cargo Ship Simulator: Car Transporter – great ship simulator for all ship and car simulator lovers!

Cargo Ship Simulator: Car Transporter 3D features:

- Try yourself as a captain of a heavy cargo ship – complete delivery and car transporting missions and avoid sinking or other accidents
- Realistic sea physics
- Multi-genre game – we united ship simulator, car transporter game and even driving simulator in one app!
- Wide range of upgrades – you can improve your deck or hold to enlarge space for cars, improved engine for higher speed and so on
- Amazing 3D graphics
- Great cargo ship simulator for all ages

Love ships and boats? Or ever wanted to be a captain of a cargo ship? Try this ultimate ferry simulator and get both driving and sailing experience – drive vehicles to load it on the board of car transporting ship and sail high seas to arrive on the port safe and sound! Earn money for delivery, level up you ship and prove your worth as a captain! It’s high time to become a real seadog with Cargo Ship Car Transporter 3D game!

Survive exploring the high seas as a real ship captain! Try different ferries, ships and boats and level up your sailing skills!

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