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CartoonViewer - Kids TV Viewer

发行商: Blue Valley Tech Inc.
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Watch Cartoon Network on iPad/iPhone. CartoonNet collect most popular Cartoon Network TV programs that from YouTube. It provide a convenient way to view, discover, organize and aggregate kids TV programs from YouTube. Take a few minutes to update the list or add more, your kids can watch it for weeks anytime later.

CartoonNet provide parents control to make sure your kids can only access the proper videos on YouTube if you don't want your kids to be exposed everything from YouTube.

* Watch Cartoon Network on iPad/iPhone.
* Intuitive UI that designed for Kids.
* Include most popular Cartoon Network TV programs.
* Include most subscribed kids learning channels.
* Enhanced player that support five playback modes and HD quality.
* Parental control for video access.
* Find/Search/Collect kids TV program quickly.
* Share kids TV videos with other parents.

Program List:
* Adventure Time
* Amazing World of Gumball
* Bakugan
* Batman
* Ben 10: Omniverse
* Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
* Beyblade
* Chowder
* Clarence
* Codename
* Courage The Cowardly Dog
* Cow And Chicken
* Dexter's Laboratory
* Di-Gata Defenders
* Ed, Edd N Eddy
* Evil Con Carne
* Generator Rex
* Hero: 108
* I Am Weasel
* Johnny Bravo
* Jonny Test
* Lego Ninjago
* Looney Tunes
* Mad
* Metajets
* Mixels
* Pokémon
* Redakai
* Regular Show
* Riders Of Berk
* Robotboy
* Robotomy
* Samurai Jack
* Scan2Go
* Scaredy Squirrel
* Symbionic Titan
* Teen Titans Go
* The Amazing World Of Gumball
* The Garfield Show
* The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy
* The Looney Tunes Show
* The Powerpuff Girls
* The Secret Saturdays
* Tom And Jerry
* Tom And Jerry Tales
* Toonami
* Transformers
* What's New Scooby-Doo?
* Young Justice


Please try following procedure if you have no sound issue.
1. Flip switch volume button on the side of iPad
2. Go Settings -> General -> Use Slide Switch to: -> Mute, then turn on the switch button
3. Double tap home button -> Swipe to the right on task bar -> Tap the speak icon off/on
4. Restart app.

See more detail here :


All video images and videos are from YouTube and is available in public domain or published under authorization of their respective owners. This app does not upload/store any videos/clip. This app just provide a convenient way to organization, discover and view videos from YouTube.


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