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Casino 42

发行商: App Street Software Private Limited
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Discover the world of BlackJack, Roulette & Baccarat all in one app. Download the Casino42 app on your iPhone or iPad & kickstart with a Welcome Bonus worth $50,000! Get Daily Bonus & experience the thrill of Casino anytime, anywhere. Join millions of players, unlock interesting achievements & titles, and experience world-class gaming!

Our pack of casino ruling games will surely make you go “WOW”

Blackjack42: Crowned as king of the card table, this game will definitely get you hooked on! So hit the blackjack table with all types of possible calls- Hit, Stand, Double, Split & Surrender & conquer the game like a pro.

Roulette42: Experience the thrill & excitement of a live roulette game right on your fingertip. Play Roulette by experimenting with as many as 20 different types of bets. Master the outside to inside bets & level up by placing bigger bets, taking risks, and get hands-on experience in becoming a maestro at roulette!

Baccarat42: Dive into the world of the finest & the oldest casino game. Kickstart your Baccarat journey & play with all kinds of bets: Player, Banker, Pairs & tie. Play now & hit the highest hand value!

Play, Compete & Invite Friends today!

Key features:

- Multiplayer Game: Play with your friends & family or compete with anyone from around the world
- Welcome Bonus: Kickstart your casino journey today with a welcome bonus worth $50,000
- Daily Bonus: Enjoy gaming & free daily bonus of up to $25,000
- Game Play Mode: Whether you are a novice who prefers a public American/European table or a professional who likes to grind on a Private Table with your gang, we always have a table waiting for you!
- Premium Lounges: Invite your high rollers for a match on the “High Stake” lounges & conquer the table with your moves
- Leaderboards: Make your way to the leaderboard & pick up exciting titles
- Refer & Earn: Invite your friends & family to play with you and earn $25,000 with each successful referral
- Learn to play: Run through the in-app tutorial to understand the game rules and unlock some amazing winning strategies


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