Cat Translator Simulator

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Cat's PhraseBook - a new game with which it became even easier to find a common language with cats. This game is sure to interest cats, cats and kittens. Surprise your pets. Write phrases and include translations for cats. Communicate with cats and observe their reaction.
 Each picture is a separate phrase of a cat, if a cat or a cat hears it, then it will definitely react to it! Use the game to translate your phrases or phrases of friends. This game is for a cat and its owner, for hanging out. Spend a little more time with your cat and enjoy it.
Of course, cats, most likely, will not understand you, but who knows ... maybe they will hear familiar sounds! Pretend that you understand cats and you can talk to your pet with the help of "Cat's Phrasebook"! Break the language barrier and talk with cats, cats and kittens! Games for a cat on the phone is the easiest way to entertain yourself and your pet.
Attention! “Feline phrasebook” is a joke, funny! You can not communicate with cats in reality. Cats, cats and kittens will not actually execute commands voiced with the "Cat's Phrasebook" application. Simulator. The program is designed to amuse your friends and play with your pets!

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