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Catchyz is an online classifieds marketplace that enables users to buy, sell and rent cars, furniture, houses, land and any other stuff either new or used, advertise their business, services, jobs, and events to millions online for FREE.

Users can manage their own advertising, sales, and purchases themselves. As a buyer, you may search classified ads at CATCHYZ by category, keywords and other approaches. You can view the list of ads summary on search result page, and individual ad details by clicking on the ad. You can also contact the ad owner using information given in the ad details page. You can also chat, comment, or contact the ad owner directly.

The platform is organized into subsequent categories:

- Vehicles: This category is for the user who wants to buy, sell or rent vehicles of different brands.
-Mobile Phones and Tablets: This category allows users to buy or sell new or used mobile phones and tablets.
-Electronics and Appliances: This category is for any user willing to buy or sell fridge, microwave, laptops, washers,air conditioners, TVs, and any other electronic appliances.
- Real Estate: This category is for buying, selling or renting houses and land.
-Home and Garden: This category is for anyone willing to buy or sell furniture, kitchen ware, home decors, and garden and outdoor materials.
-Baby and Kids: This category is for babies’ clothes, toys, and other kids accessories.
-Men's Fashion: Buy or sell men’s clothes, shoes, watches, personal care devices and accessories from this category.
-Women's Fashion: Buy or sell women’s clothes, shoes, cosmetics, accessories and Jewelleries from this category.
- Jobs: This category is for listing job vacancies.
- Pets: Birds, cats, dogs and other domestic animals as well as pet’s accessories are found in this category.
-Agriculture and Food: In this category you will find anything related to farming.
- Books, Sport, and Music: This category is for magazines, music instruments, sportswear and others
-All Categories: This section displays all ads from all of the categories.

Buying on CATCHYZ
If you have found something that you would like to have or benefit from, you can directly contact the advertiser of that product.


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