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CBeebies Christmas Super Bundle

发行商: BBC Worldwide
价格: 14.99 USD


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To celebrate the holidays we've put together a super bundle of 8 fantastic apps featuring four of your favourite CBeebies brands - all at a great, discounted price.

Hey Duggee: The Big Badge App
Join Duggee and the Squirrels to earn their first seven badges: Tinsel, Drawing, Leaf, Hair, Cake, Funny Face and Super Squirrel. A-woof!

Hey Duggee: The Big Outdoor App
Seven more badges to collect: Acorn, Paper Boat, Rain Dance, Sheep, Food Growing, Submarine and Sandcastle. Excellent work Squirrels!

Go Jetters: Fix that Glitch
Go Jetters, Go! Help Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz as they travel around the world fixing glitches caused by Grandmaster Glitch - as always they're aided by their teacher, mentor and friend, Ubercorn! Take your turn to spin the globe and travel to 10 different famous locations

Go Jetters Colouring
Pick from 45 fantastic Go Jetters images and use the awesome colouring tools to make a masterpiece.

Charlie and Lola: My Little Town
The first extremely special and completely official app for Charlie and Lola. Six creative activities focusing on free-form and creative gameplay: colouring in, constructing and decorating buildings, composing tunes and putting it all together to create your own little town.

Charlie and Lola: I've Won!
Race your rivals to the top of the virtual board, while completing fun mini-games along the way. The board resets every time you play, using over 50 mini-game variations to keep content fresh.

Sarah & Duck: A Day at the Park
Join Sarah & Duck for a fun-packed day at the park: play hide and seek; create and fly your own unique kite; feed the hungry ducks; help Umbrella avoid the puddles; then build your very own park.

Sarah & Duck: The Big Sleepover
Sarah and Duck are having a sleepover and guess what… you’re invited! So pull on your PJs and join in an evening of fun and imaginative games before creating your very own Sarah & Duck dream.

Customer Care:
If you experience any technical issues with these apps please get in touch. Most issues can be easily fixed and we are happy to help. Contact us at

One or more of these apps will ask for permission to access the camera and/or microphone on your device. The camera is used to take a photograph of the player for their user profile which is used to track and retain progress through the game and is also used to save user generated artwork to your camera roll. The microphone is used to interact with a number of mini games.

These apps do not collect or store any personal data from your device. View our privacy policy here:

About BBC Studios:
BBC Studios create commercial products that help fund BBC productions.

About Scary Beasties:
Scary Beasties is a multi BAFTA-winning mobile and online games designer and developer specialising in kids’ content, from pre-school through to the teen market.

A Scary Beasties production for BBC Studios


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