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Mushroom Identificator

发行商: AnnapurnApp Technologies UG haftungsbeschrankt
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Champignouf allows you to identify automatically the species of a mushroom from a picture.
Take a photo or upload directly from your gallery, and get an answer instantly !
Also included is a list of the most common edible mushrooms.
For now it recognises more than 900 types of mushrooms.
You can also save on a map the place where you found ceps, chanterelles, etc.
Do you think you're a mushroom expert? Then take our quiz!


The app does not require you to pay, but to be able to synchronise your projects on other devices, the app offers a premium subscription option $4.99 (USD) for a year.
This price apply to United States residents. Prices may vary in other countries respecting your local currency exchange rate.
Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account. At the end of the term, unless auto-renewables subscriptions are disabled, your subscription will automatically renew in your iTunes account.
You will be charged for the regular price of your subscription within 24 hours prior to the end of the current term.
You can turn off automatic renewal in your iTunes account settings at any time, but you must do so at least 24 hours before the end of the current term.
Refunds will not be provided for the unused portion of any term.
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849 条评价

Works great!

So far so good. Great app, thanks!


Best on the market

I started using this earlier this summer after we started receiving heavy rains, bringing on huge blooms of different species in our neighborhood. It’s not perfect, you should always get a second opinion from a professional before handling any mushroom.That being said, the crowdsourced learning algorithm is top-notch, and I have actually noticed it getting more accurate over the last 4 or so months that I’ve been using it.On a side note, I tend to go back and forth between the app and another on the market that provides a better forum for geotagging and networking with other shroomers. This app is far superior as far as identification goes.


Pretty Good Results

Admittedly I’m only an amateur at mycology, but I find this app to have decent accuracy for most common fungi and some that are more rare. When I’m in doubt I ask a friend that has many years of experience in this field. The app warns you to do your own detailed research before ingesting. That’s good advice!


Great Reference App

I always am wondering if the mushrooms I see in the forest here in Oregon are lethal. This is a great app



Rarely helps ID a mushroom accurately. Needs a lot of improvement especially with the photos it has for every single mushroom. There are 1-2 bad views, unhelpful, blurry, to few. Pictures don’t help you narrow down anything let alone get the specific fungus that you’re looking at ID’d


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