Charades! 2

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Having a party? Make it a blast with the follow up to the hit game you loved, Charades! With Charades! 2 it brings even more party fun with new game play modes and all new words and categories.

• Sing, act, dance, impersonate and test your knowledge in hilarious party games
• Compete in teams at your next get together or play a quick game while your waiting

Play from 8 different games that will keep your friends guessing:

• Charades: The game you've come to love...
• Hum That Tune: Guess the song while your team whistles or hums, no lyrics or gestures
• Accentuate: Your team acts like famous person or character without giving any names of people or places
• Bust A Move: Guess the dance. No singing allowed.
• 3 Words or Less: Describe the clue using only 3 words
• In Your Own Words: Rephrase the famous quote without using any of the words in the quote
• List Three: You have 5 seconds to list three items in the category.
• ClueXplosion: Guess the clue before the phone randomly goes kaboom (don't worry, it will just vibrate)

Let the games begin!

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